Uwingu Announces 2016 Valentine’s Day Space Gift Ideas

Make A Special Impact on Your Loved Ones at Valentine’s Day!

Today space public engagement company Uwingu announced three space themed ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day:

  • Name a crater on Mars for family, friends, or loved ones on our Mars map! Each crater named receives a special Valentine’s Day certificate.
  • Name an exoplanet around another star for family, friends, or loved ones.
  • Send a yearlong gift subscription to family, friends, or loved ones to space image of the day service, a Valentine’s that keeps on giving!

Valentine’s Day Certificate for Mars Crater Name Purchases

Said Uwingu’s Ellen Butler, “Make a special impact on someone for Valentine’s Day 2016 with one of these gifts at www.uwingu.com!”

Uwingu is a for-profit, public engagement space company based in Boulder, CO, led by senior planetary scientists and astronomers. Uwingu’s twin missions are to connect the public to space and space exploration in new ways, and to create a grant fund to support a wide range of space efforts by individual space researchers, educators, and organizations.