About Mars Craters

To name any crater, just mouse your cursor over it until you see its price appear, then click the mouse!

To move about Mars, either select a place in the global map or specify a latitude and longitude. Then use the upper, zoomed-in panel to move around by clicking your mouse and dragging it around the zoomed map.

All the craters in our Mars database are priced in proportion to their size. Zoom in on the maps to find lower priced craters, zoom out to find higher priced ones.

About Mars Districts and Provinces

Provinces and districts are part of Uwingu’s “Mars address system.” Just as the Earth is divided into countries and states, Uwingu has divided Mars into provinces and districts. And just as the Earth can have cities with the same name if they’re in different countries and states, Mars can have craters with the same name if they are in different provinces or districts.

Provinces are 3 degrees on a side (about 180 km across at the equator), and there are 7200 Uwingu provinces on Mars.

Districts are 1 degree on a side (about 60 km across at the equator). There are 64,800 Uwingu districts on Mars.

If you name a province or district, every crater within that region will use your name as part of its Mars address– get one while you can!

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Name Martian Craters–and Make an Impact of Your Own!

Name Mars Just Like NASA Rover Teams Do

For years, space mission rover drivers have named craters on Mars and Apollo astronauts have named landing site landmarks on their Moon missions.

Now it’s your turn to help create the first crowdsourced Mars map, with names for all of the approximately 500,000 largest, still unnamed craters on Mars! You can also help name the map grid rectangles of all the Districts and Provinces in our address system–the first ever address system for Mars.

All existing Mars crater names, including IAU names, have been grandfathered into the Uwingu Mars map. Prices for newly named small craters begin at just five dollars, and increase with crater size. Give it a try!

Each feature named helps fuel The Uwingu Fund, providing grants to space researchers, educators, and entrepreneurs in this time of government cutbacks.

Hurry, there are billions of people on Earth–far more than the number of available Martian craters!

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Mars Surface Viewer

Instructions: Click and drag this map to move around Mars, or select another location from the Mars Global Map below.
Just mouse over and click on craters, districts, and provinces to name them! About naming craters About Districts and Provinces

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9,580 Publicly-Named Craters 586,830 Available Craters Newest Named Crater: Darrin L Walker Named By darrinwalker Profane or pejorative names will be removed without refund. See Terms of Use.

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Crater Data

Hover over craters in the Mars Surface Viewer to view Crater Data here. Click a crater to view full details or to name an available crater.



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Mars Global Map

The small map below represents the entire surface of Mars. Clicking an area on the Mars Global Map will display an enlarged view of that area in the Viewer above. Each square in the Mars Global Map's grid represents one province.
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