Our Sponsors

Uwingu was initially made possible thanks to contributions from over a thousand individuals and organizations who gave amounts from $10 to as much as $3000 during our 2012 crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo. You can see the original campaign on Indiegogo.

That campaign was so successful that it was ranked one of Indiegogo’s top 25 largest ever campaigns in late 2012!

These crowdfunding contributions allowed us “to turn on the lights” and launch Uwingu, and in the logos and names listed below you can see who helped launch us. To those companies, organizations, and people who individually gave to help us get a start, we want to say thank you again: our twin goals of intimately connecting people in new ways to space exploration and astronomy, and of funding space research and education, became possible because of you!

Corporate Sponsor Select ($3000 funding level)

Super Angel

  • 1 anonymous

Corporate Sponsors ($1000 funding level)

  • Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corporation
  • Custom Microwave
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Moon Express
  • Parabolic Arc
  • Space Daily
  • XCOR Aerospace

Uwingu Angels ($1000 funding level)

  • Christiana Ellis
  • Jim Hautot
  • Peter Lake
  • Ed Post
  • Michael Zappe
  • 1 anonymous

Council Member Select ($500 funding level)

Council Member ($250 funding level)

Founder ($100 funding level)

Citizen Advisor ($50 funding level)

Space Explorer ($25 funding level)

First Wave Explorer ($10 funding level)