About The Uwingu Fund

Our goal is to raise $10M from our proceeds for the Uwingu Fund in 2014. This fund provides grants to scientists, educators, and others around the world to conduct valuable space exploration, research, and education projects. Individual researchers, amateur astronomers, educators, colleges, universities and companies are all eligible for Uwingu grants. So are schools, non-profits, and companies conducting space exploration, research, and education.

Learn more about our funded projects. We are honored to help support:

  • Astronomers Without Borders
  • The Galileo Teacher Training Program
  • Purdue’s Multiethnic Training Program
  • The Allen Telescope Array at SETI
  • The International Dark Sky Association
  • Students for the Exploration and Development of Space at the University of Colorado (CUSEDS)

Such a public participation fund has never existed… until now!

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