Who We Are

Our growing team consists of nationally and internationally accomplished scientists, educators, NASA vets, and business people, who are passionate about astronomy, space exploration, and space education.

  • Alan SternDr. Alan Stern. Alan is a planetary scientist and an Associate Vice President at the Southwest Research Institute, a large non-profit R&D institution with over 3400 employees, he operates a successful private aerospace consulting practice. Formerly, he directed all science programs and missions at NASA Headquarters.
  • Ellen ButlerMs. Ellen Butler. Ellen helps business owners implement their marketing goals using modern software, social media, email marketing, and other online tools. Ellen graduated from Indiana University.
  • Henry ThroopDr. Henry Throop. Henry is an astronomical researcher and an expert in astronomical software and databases. He lives in South Africa.
  • Mr. Ryan JohnstonMr. Ryan Johnston. Ryan has served as President and Chief Executive of two prominent companies in the entertainment and sports industries for the past ten years.  Prior to that, Ryan served 15 years in the U.S. Army’s Aviation Branch.  Ryan is a producer of film and television, producer of large scale events, manager and agent of talent, and the co-founder of a technology company that is testing their products for space travel and everyday commercial use.
  • Doug GriffithMr. Doug Griffith. Doug is an attorney whose Los Angeles, California practice focuses on the aviation and commercial human spaceflight industries. Before Doug became an attorney, he was a Marine aviator, and earned a degree in aerospace engineering from the University of Texas.
  • Alisha McFarlandMs. Alisha McFarland. Alisha is an accomplished business professional with more than 15 years experience managing and marketing small businesses, and almost a decade of experience in research grant administration.

(credit: NASA)

Uwingu’s Board of Advisors

Uwingu’s Board of Advisors (BoA) consists of talented and influential thinkers from the astronomy, planetary science, IT, and business worlds:

  • Mr. Michael Aisner, promoter and marketing expert
  • Mr. Andy Chaikin, space historian and author
  • Mr. David Eicher, editor, Astronomy Magazine
  • Mr. Stephen Goldman, computer industry entrepreneur and mathematical physicist
  • Dr. David Grinspoon, planetary scientist, author, and educator
  • Ms. Cassie Kloberdanz, commercial space advocate
  • Mr. Jon Lomberg, space artist and former illustrator for Carl Sagan
  • Mr. George Merlis, communications expert and former producer of Good Morning America on ABC TV
  • Dr. Cathy Olkin, planetary scientist
  • Mr. Rick Rasansky, serial entrepreneur and internet company CEO
  • Mr. Robert Richards, co-founder and CEO of Moon Express
  • Dr. Teresa Segura, Mars scientist
  • Dr. Peter Smith, Mars scientist and Principal Investigator of NASA’s 2008 Mars Phoenix lander
  • Mr. Zak Williams, Marketing Man, Space Aficionado