Who We Are

Our growing team consists of nationally and internationally accomplished scientists, educators, NASA vets, and business people, who are passionate about astronomy, space exploration, and space education.

  • Alan SternDr. Alan Stern. Alan is a planetary scientist and an Associate Vice President at the Southwest Research Institute, a large non-profit R&D institution with over 3400 employees, he operates a successful private aerospace consulting practice. Formerly, he directed all science programs and missions at NASA Headquarters.
  • Ellen ButlerMs. Ellen Butler. Ellen helps business owners implement their marketing goals using modern software, social media, email marketing, and other online tools. Ellen graduated from Indiana University.
  • Henry ThroopDr. Henry Throop. Henry is an astronomical researcher and an expert in astronomical software and databases. He lives in South Africa.
  • EmilyDr. Emily CoBabe-Ammann. Emily is a leading space educator.
  • Doug GriffithMr. Doug Griffith. Doug is an attorney whose Los Angeles, California practice focuses on the aviation and commercial human spaceflight industries. Before Doug became an attorney, he was a Marine aviator, and earned a degree in aerospace engineering from the University of Texas.
  • Alisha McFarlandMs. Alisha McFarland. Alisha is an accomplished business professional with more than 15 years experience managing and marketing small businesses, and almost a decade of experience in research grant administration.

(credit: NASA)

Uwingu’s Board of Advisors

Uwingu’s Board of Advisors (BoA) consists of talented and influential thinkers from the astronomy, planetary science, IT, and business worlds:

  • Mr. Michael Aisner, promoter and marketing expert
  • Mr. Andy Chaikin, space historian and author
  • Mr. David Eicher, editor, Astronomy Magazine
  • Mr. Stephen Goldman, computer industry entrepreneur and mathematical physicist
  • Dr. David Grinspoon, planetary scientist, author, and educator
  • Ms. Cassie Kloberdanz, commercial space advocate
  • Mr. Jon Lomberg, space artist and former illustrator for Carl Sagan
  • Dr. Geoff Marcy, professor of astrophysics, and premiere extra-solar planet hunter
  • Mr. George Merlis, communications expert and former producer of Good Morning America on ABC TV
  • Dr. Cathy Olkin, planetary scientist
  • Mr. Rick Rasansky, serial entrepreneur and internet company CEO
  • Mr. Robert Richards, co-founder and CEO of Moon Express
  • Dr. Teresa Segura, Mars scientist
  • Dr. Peter Smith, Mars scientist and Principal Investigator of NASA’s 2008 Mars Phoenix lander
  • Mr. Zak Williams, Marketing Man, Space Aficionado