New Adopt-A-Planet Video

In honor of our “Adopt-A-Planet” campaign, we’ve created a little video to explain the process and how it works!

This open-ended campaign gives anyone in the public – worldwide – the opportunity to adopt exoplanets in professional astronomical databases via our website.

As always, proceeds from the naming and voting will continue to help fuel The Uwingu Fund and to support grants for space exploration, research, and education.

Watch the video and see how simple it is to Adopt-A-Planet for yourself, your group, company, your kids, your friends, your club, your heroes, or organization, anything—let your imagination run!

Four Easy Steps For You To Adopt-A-Planet

  1. Nominate a name for your favorite friend, family member, group, company, etc or select an existing name from our list.
  2. Help the name reach 1,000 votes either via an individual contribution or get your friends and social networks to help contribute at $.99 per vote.
  3. Once your favorite name reaches 1,000 votes, you (or whoever nominated it originally) will be able select adopt almost any perfect world from official exoplanets directories. Just let us know what exoplanet that is.
  4. We’ll help complete the naming process in the Uwingu database, match your name up with the exoplanets, and share the great news with you and all our Uwingu friends, followers, social networks!

What name(s) have you nominated? Why wait? Get started today!