Paul Daugherty Helps Uwingu’s Beam Me To Mars Project


Paul Daugherty

Paul Daugherty, an Instructor at The University of Colorado Boulder in the Journalism and Mass Communication Department, has created a unique and compelling video to explain Uwingu’s new project – Beam Me To Mars.

In the video, he shares images of Mariner 4’s launch from NASA footage taken 50 years ago on November 28, 1964. After an eight-month voyage to Mars, Mariner 4 made the first flyby of the red planet, becoming the first spacecraft to take close-up photographs of another planet. A television camera that was on board took 22 pictures, covering about 1% of the planet. The images took four days to transmit back to Earth.

Paul joined the CU Boulder faculty in fall 2005. Before that he was a producer/director at Rocky Mountain PBS. He earned a master’s degree in broadcast news and management from the CU-JMC program in 1993. In 2014, he was chosen by students as Outstanding Faculty Member.

Daugherty has produced, photographed, edited, or directed numerous documentaries and public affairs shows, among them Urban Ark – The Story of the Denver Zoo, Covering Columbine, Rocky Mountain Legacy, LifeWise, Biolog and the Emmy-winning public affairs news magazine show “Colorado.Now.”

We are so pleased to have benefited from Paul’s extensive production background and are thrilled to share his Beam Me To Mars video here.