Beam Me To Mars

The first opportunity for the people of Earth to send personal messages and pictures to Mars by radio transmission!

Beam Me celebrates the 50th anniversary of the first mission to Mars—NASA’s Mariner 4 launched on 28 November 1964. All Beam Me messages will be sent together by radio—at the speed of light—as a global shout-out from Earth to Mars on 28 November 2014.

Send as many messages as you like. With each message sent, you’ll receive a beautiful, downloadable certificate authenticating your participation in this historic event.

Join in—it’s fun, it’s inspiring, it’s futuristic, and all messages help fund space research, education, and exploration! Learn more about The Uwingu Fund.

How will the messages be sent to Mars?

Uwingu’s Beam Me transmission will be sent by our partner, Universal Space Network, at a rate of 1 million bits per second—and they will travel at the speed of light. Mariner 4 took almost 8 months to reach Mars in 1964-1965, but your 21st century messages will arrive just 15 minutes after they are sent—nothing like it has ever been possible before for the public.

Will anyone or anything on Mars receive the messages?

Though no one is on Mars yet to receive the messages, here on Earth people will hear them loud and clear! The entire Beam Me message archive will be searchable from our web site by anyone with access to the Internet. And all messages can be socially shared with friends, relatives, anyone in your social networks. Moreover, all Beam Me messages will be delivered by hand to Congress, to NASA, and to the United Nations on November 28—delivering your message to them the same day it reaches Mars.

For how long can messages be submitted before transmission?

To be included in the transmission, messages and pictures must be submitted by 5 November 2014. The earlier a message is submitted, the earlier in the transmission it will be sent.

As with all Uwingu projects, half the proceeds fuel Uwingu space research, education, and exploration grants; the other half pays for Uwingu operations and fuels new Uwingu projects.

Name Martian Craters

Help us build the first ever People's Map of Mars!

Name Martian Craters

Message Submission Has Closed

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Beam Me To Mars Messages

Below is our public listing of all submitted messages to be transmitted to Mars on 28 November 2014.
88,798 total names and messages were submitted to be beamed to Mars.
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Level Name Message Submitted
Level Name Message Submitted
Senior Mission Specialist Laurie Shentalevenn
Hello Mars! 1992 was International Space Year. As an Aspie coming late into social awareness, I was 27 going on 15. The many missions and commemorative events of that year called me to dream of the great journey that awaits humankind. Many years have passed since then, and my world has more than changed. I am sending you a poem I wrote then, for this 50th anniversary. Starwatcher Young eyes are drawn upward seeking replies to questions as old as the race they scan the star scattered dark wondering Watching in silence breath catches and tears flow with feet leaden on the ground the young mind dreams pillars of fire that hurl voyagers into the sky The turning Earth sings its message energy escapes into the night carrying the cry of a newborn people and the young soul whispers do you hear us? Mechanical ears listen upward searching for the answers signals in static wash over the Earth more softly than falling snowflakes and the young human shivers. 5/92
Space Tourist Onward for future space exploration!
Onward for future space exploration!
Space Tourist Vince L.. Harden
Vince L.. Harden
Space Tourist Vince L.. Harden Starfire Engine Systems USA
Vince L.. Harden Starfire Engine Systems USA
Mission Specialist Teresa Segura
This is for all the dreamers, the doers, the movers, and the shakers. Until we meet in person, Mars!
Mission Specialist Holly Hock
For our little Holly who is watching over us all. Until we meet again.
Mission Commander Tryphena Star
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