Connect to the Sky,

Fund Science & Education

Uwingu’s mission is to create new ways for people to personally connect with space exploration and astronomy!

Fully half of all our revenues go to Uwingu Fund grants to space research, education, and exploration.

Beam Me To Mars

Uwingu presents the first opportunity for a shout-out from the people of Earth to Mars with personal messages sent by radio transmission!

All Beam Me messages will be sent together by radio—at the speed of light—as a global shout out from Earth to Mars on 28 November 2014.

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Help Name the Craters of Mars!

Now for the first time, just like NASA rover teams, you can name features on a Mars map that will become landmarks to future explorers!

A Great Gift for Special Occasions!

New Baby
Get Well
In Loving Memory
Mother’s Day
Father’s Day
Spinning globe animation of Mars showing color-coded named and unnamed craters.
  • Named by YOU!
  • Named by Astronomers
  • Unnamed
Name planets beyond our solar system. Click here to nominate names and vote for your favorites.
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