Dear Uwingu Friends and Fans,

Today we’re announcing that we are wrapping up our Public Participation Mars Crater Naming project, and we’re excited to report some impressive stats!

• Total number of craters named: 20,728—More than named by astronomers and planetary scientists in over 50 years!

• Craters named by people in 104 different countries 

• Website visits from nearly every country in the world

• Over $130,000 in grants awarded

• Thank you for supporting these historic public outreach project!

We’re also pleased to announce the simultaneous suspension of our Extrasolar Planet Naming project on May 15th, so if you want to be a part of either that project, or the Public Participation Mars Map project, be sure to get aboard before May 15th. As always, this is a fun keepsake to commemorate loved ones, personal accomplishments and milestones in life – birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, birth of grandchildren, and more.

And although sales are ending, our website will remain active and you’ll continue to be able to look up any of your named Mars craters and download the respective certificates from your account by logging into the site long after May 15th!

We’ll also be putting together a downloadable archive of ALL of the Mars Crater names too. We’ll be sure to share info about that with you in a few weeks when the final list is compiled.

And, finally, we want you to know that following the May 15th deadline, our Pubic Participation Mars Map will be shared with our partners at Mars One and Explore Mars for inclusion in their Mars flights.


The Uwingu Team


Uwingu’s mission is to create new ways for people to personally connect with space exploration and astronomy! Fully half of all our revenues go to Uwingu Fund grants to space research, education, and exploration.