A public name for ‘Bb’ – Official Rules

Uwingu Alpha Centauri Bb Planet Naming Contest Official Rules

Uwingu is announcing a contest for the people of Earth to name the closest known exoplanet (planet around another star). Astronomers call that planet “Alpha Centauri Bb, ” but that’s a little dry—what do you suggest it be popularly called?

Between March 19th and April 22nd Uwingu, Alan Stern, Geoff Marcy and Astronomy Magazine are challenging you to come up with the most popular name for Alpha Centauri Bb! Anyone can nominate a name—or as many names as you like. Name nominations cost $4.99; votes are just $.99. The name with the highest number of votes for it on April 22ndth will be announced as the winner! And what’s more, we’ll be giving out a series of prizes to the namers (that’s you!) of any name that gets at least 100 votes, names that get 1,000 votes, names that get 10,000 votes, and the top vote get of all!


Contest Rules:

-Anyone can nominate any name, so long as it is not a duplicate of an existing Uwingu Planets Database Name and meets the same standards for names as Uwingu has previously maintained (e.g., no profane or pejorative names, names must be less than 50 character long, etc.)

-Every submitted name will be accompanied by a citation explaining the significance of the nominated name.

-All exoplanet names and votes already submitted to Uwingu will be grandfathered into the contest. The contest will run from March 19 through April 22nd. The contest will close at midnight Eastern Time/11pm Central/10pm Mountain Time/9pm Pacific.

-The top vote getter wins. If there is a tie then a 7-day runoff will be held in which only the tied finalists are eligible to win.



-Every planet name receiving at least 100 votes will be posted on the Uwingu site and our Facebook page, along with the citation describing the name, and the name of the individual who created this nomination

-Every planet name receiving at least 1,000 votes will earn the nominator for a $100 Uwingu gift certificate.

-Every planet name receiving at least 10,000 votes will earn the namer a stunning (glass and metal) mobile depicting planets in our own solar system, and $100 in free Uwingu shirts, hats, coffee mugs, and other bling.



-The top vote getter planet name will receive a call from Uwingu’s CEO and planetary scientist Alan Stern and Uwingu advisor/planet hunter Geoff Marcy, a signed plaque commemorating the name and its namer, a free 12-month subscription to Astronomy Magazine, and we’ll post their picture on the Uwingu web site along side the winning name they nominated and their citation describing the significance of the name they chose.

-The first runner up will also receive a signed plaque commemorating the name and its namer, and a free 12-month subscription to Astronomy Magazine.


Contest Outcome:

The winning name will be formally announced in a press conference to be arranged by Uwingu. The namer of the winning name and first runner up will be invited to participate (in person or electronically).